Sunday, March 11, 2007

Still major depressed but still alive

As I mentioned yesterday the doctor prescribed me zoloft and I have been taking it. Funny tho that after 30 days or so I still can't tell any difference except for being hungry all the time and not to much interested in sex at all.

Just a couple of the usual side effects of most drugs for depression. There are more but these are the two that always seem to get me. No sex causes me to stress out and it really irritates a girl I go out with when she wants to and I don't care.

The only drug they've ever given me for stress or for being depressed that I like is xanax. The first time I took it the stuff made me really crabby and irritable and my ex wife told me not to take it anymore. I tried it again despite her wishes and that time and from then on it worked as it was supposed to.

At least I can get the generic for that one as alprazolam and it's usually under 15 dollars for 60 pills. Best part is it does exactly what I want it to do. It shuts my mind off when it's in the runaway, can't stop thinking mode. When I go to bed at night I take half one and I can fall asleep with no probems at all. Doesn't seem to have any side effects that I've noticed. To bad it doesn't work for depression, just for anxiety or shutting my mind off.

At least I can tell it works. With the zoloft I have no clue. I've even asked a couple of people if they can ell any difference in me and they've all said no. I'll keep taking it for another month because I know it has to build up to certain levels in your bloodstream but if it's not working any better by the 10th of April I'll quit taking it.

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