Friday, August 1, 2008

Child abuse and overweight children

Is it child abuse to let a child get grossly overweight or morbidly obese? Which is worse, physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse or a your child until they are grossly overweight?

Having never been fat or grossly overweight I can't really speak for those people but I do know what the medical professionals say. So do you. Being overweight is a killer.

Ergo, if being overweight will kill you then it has to be child abuse to have a grossly overweight child. At the very least it has to be child neglect. So who's feeding these kids and what are they allowing them to eat.

Who's monitoring what they are doing? Why aren't their parents doing something about it. OTOH I see tons of fat men and women with even fatter kids. It's definitely not healthy for a child to be that fat no matter the size of the parents.

It's also a huge medical issue and if your kids aren't getting the health care they need or the things they need to be healthy then it's abuse.

Problem is most parents have abdicated their responsibility with "What can I do about it?" Parents have that attitude about a lot of things regarding their children yet the parents are supposed to be in charge or in control of the home and the child.

A couple of years ago there was a guy the Sioux Falls, SD TV station did a report on. He weighed 800 pounds and hadn't been able to get out of bed since he'd hit 500 pounds. Now if he can't get out of the damn bed how the hell did he gain the other 300 pounds?

Someone had to go buy him the food, someone had to prepare it for him and someone had to bring it to him. IOW someone had to aid and abet him in getting that fat after he couldn't get out of bed.

Heh, I'm just watching a woman on the CBS morning show and she's on with a cat that weighs 44 pounds. Fit's my category of animal abuse. That cat didn't get that fat catching it's own mice, now did it?

It got fat for the same reason kids get fat. Parents or animal owners don't know how to say no or feel guilty when they do or think it's cute to feed the kids or the pets all kinds of treats because it makes the parents or animal owners feel good.

I had a cat get fat once. We'd gone on a month vacation and hired someone to feed the cats, hamsters, etc. When we got back the male cat had gained about 15 pounds and was so fat he couldn't jump up on the table anymore.

I took one look at the cat, bought some Iams for fat cats and put his good on the floor and only fed him twice per day and way less than his usual amount. I put the other cats food on the table and she could jump up and get it. In a couple of months the fat cat had lost all the weight he'd gained and once again ran, played and could jump up on the table.

Feeding a cat, dog or kid until it's so fat it can't function is abuse and I don't care what anyone else says.

If not feeding a child is abuse then overfeeding a child should also be abuse. Some people overeat because of stress and need to stop stress eating. Some people overfeed their children because of stress and that needs to stop. Some overfeed them or let them get fat because it's to much hassle to do anything about it.

Well, if you are a parent of a fat child, it's your fault and it's time you take the responsibility and do something about it. No matter how much hassle it is for you. You aren't your child's best friend you're their parent so grow the hell up and act like a parent for a change.

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