Sunday, February 24, 2008

Depression and School at LeMars

Sorry for the delay in adding new posts. I've been a bit under the weather but it has nothing to do with depression unless I'm so depressed my immune system is down. Been sick a lot lately with flu and colds.

Once again this is slightly out of order but it's at least the correct town.

I didn't think much of Iowa schools after having moved to so many different places in Iowa. They were way behind Minnesota and it was boring for me. They didn't have advanced classes for the above average student back then and damn few now but more than there used to be.

I'm pretty sure I was a school teachers worst nightmare. Highly intelligent but I was starting to just not care what happened at school or anywhere else. When I started school at LeMars I had an A average and when I quit I had a D average.

I slowly but surely went downhill every semester and I had become a huge discipline problem for teachers. What do you do with a kid who just doesn't care what the punishment might be and doesn't show up for the vast majority of them anyway.

They tried detention because I skipped a lot of school but detention didn't work because I just didn't show up for it. Then they decided to suspend me from school. That made me laugh. Why would you suspend someone for skipping school? Stupidity at it's finest as it's exactly what I wanted. I didn't have to go to school and I didn't get in trouble for it.

Few incidents stand out in my mind but there are a couple. One teacher got so angry at me he threw me up against the wall. Lol, I dared him to do it again because if he'd touched me again I was going to try to kill him with my hands. Yes, I was capable. OTOH he had good reason for what he did but good reason or not you as a teacher should never put your hands on a child except to protect yourself. I was no threat to him until he threw me against the wall.

I'd just missed the top of his head when I threw a humongous spit ball at another kid. It was bigger than a golf ball and smaller than a baseball. I missed the kid I was throwing at and just happened to hit the board right above his head. He was pissed to say the least.

The other teacher I remember very well was Mrs. Harker. She threw me out of her Algebra class for not being able to do the problems. Heh, I could get the answers just fine but I couldn't show on paper how I got the answers. She told me I'd never be able to do more advanced math until I could show how I got the answers.

I wasn't failing the class but she threw me out anyway. She had a preconceived notion that everything had to be done the way she wanted and I couldn't do it. I think I should have been left in the class until I couldn't get the correct answers anymore. That was not to be tho.

Bet you can't guess who the remedial math teacher was. Yep, the same one who'd thrown me against the wall. However by then he was pretty much smart enough to leave me alone. Mostly I read other books in his class. Sheesh, remedial math was so easy I could do it in my sleep.

So I hated school and I quit as soon as I could. There's more to tell about school but this is enough about it for now.

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