Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Girls, sex and depression

Lol, I expect someone to come out of the woodwork for my glamorizing my sex escapades again. However no glamour to it, it's just what happened.

I was going to go through these girls one at a time but it's just to many in the 4 years or so I was there.

Now to be fair, I was a bad boy type. You know, the kind your mother didn't want you hanging around with and if you were a girl that was even worse.

Back then everyone wore slacks but jeans were cheap so that's what I wore. Believe it or not you could get 3 pair of Levis for 5 bucks back then. I also wore boots rather than shoes. Another thing that made you a bad person. You should also know I listened to devil music better know as rock and roll. ;) Hmm, would that be rap nowdays.

Girls were easy and I mean girls from 13 to 50. Sheesh, I slept with two of the Mayors daughters, My English teachers daughter, my guidance counselors daughter and a ton of others.

I played the part of the moody bad boy and at parties I often sat alone in the corner and watched. There'd be a constant parade of girls coming over and trying to cheer me up or get me to dance. I'd take my pick for the night.

Besides the girls I went to school with there were a ton more. LeMars is a college town and I slept with lots of college girls. Had an interesting yer after I got my first car. College girls galore and most were more advanced than me at 15 and 16.

Slept with my first Asian, Black and Native American chick in the same year. A couple of over 40 women in that same year.

They all knew what was in store when the went out with me. I was sorta cruel about it. There was so much free sex running around and available to me that if I took a girl out to park and she said no at any point I'd say okay, start up the car and take her home. Then I'd go pick up one I knew would have sex and go back out and park.

More than likely the one I had just gotten rid of would call me in a day or two and beg me to take her out again. So I did. Only a couple I had to take home twice, the rest got the hint from the first time.

Funny tho, I never slept with the town slut. Lol, every town has one and you usually know who she is by 8th or 10th grade. We were just never free at the same times. Did sleep with her shy cousin a lot tho.

All in all there were only three girls I really cared about all the time I lived there. One broke my heart, I broke ones heart and the other was mutual, we broke each others hearts.

By the time I was 18 I'd slept with over 50 different chicks and that was about 7 times the national average for all men, at the time. I still don't have a problem with picking up women and I'm a lot farther over the national average now, even tho it's risen about 250% since then.

MOF I have the picking up and dating part down pat, it's the relationship part I really suck at. Hmmm, do you suppose with all the girlfriends I was trying to replace the love I never got from my mother? Duh, that's an easy one. Depressing but easy.

I'd say that I'm still trying to replace it to this day. The need to be cuddled and held is almost overwhelming somedays. Particularly if my depression is really bad.

In some respects I was very lucky. I'd never, ever used a condom in my life until about two years ago. I only have one child and I've never had a sexually transmitted disease. Lol, had crabs once but you can get them even with a condom. Funny, got them from a upper class rich chick.

So lots of girls, even more sex and lots of angry depression. All I can say is James Dean was a wuss. ;)

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