Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Surprise, bus depot revisited

While my friend and I were stealing from the paper office we were also checking the bus depot once a month or so. Just watching for an opportunity.

It was starting to get cold out and we were all wearing coats most of the time. The boss had taken his keys and gone out to start his car and let it warm up. Oops, I immediately recognized the opportunity and told my friend to get ready as it was probably gonna happen.

It used to be that people had all their keys along with their car keys and because people who come from a cold climate hate cold cars, they usually don't want to shut them off to run back inside and lock a door that should be safe anyway.

So we played pinball while we waited for the boss to leave. Nothing new and no one was paying any attention to us. Not even the boss. It's kinda like kids our age, as long as we were quiet, were invisible. Horseplay and noise attracted attention, well behaved, didn't. I've never been much for horseplay or noise.

Lol, my stepfather used to bitch all the time because adults would just rave about me. How smart I was, how helpful I was, how hard I worked, what a good job I did and how nice I was. For some reason he could never believe they were talking about me. I'd say that's about normal for a kid. Heh, my mother never believed what other adults said about me, either.

Actually most adults thought I was a nice kid and better behaved than their own kids. If they only knew. With me what you thought you saw wasn't always what you got. They only got to see what I wanted them to see most of the time. That's still how it is. Good old Sun Tzu.

My niceness, my hard work and all the rest of it was the perfect cover. I was still getting straight a pluses at school and teachers loved me too. Everyone except my parents and my sister. Lol, people still think I'm nice, unless we get crosswise with each other than they always say the same thing. 'I thought you were nice but you're not very nice at all.' Perhaps they should have lied, cheated or stole from me.

Anyway, the bosses car finally got warm and he got ready to leave. The big question was would he lock the office door or not. When he finally got ready to go he came out of the office, pulled the door shut and went outside to his car.

When he started to back out my friend hurried and ducked into his office and pulled the door shut. I was supposed to whistle if anyone was coming but I knew it didn't much matter as there was no place to hide in the office.

Much to my surprise about 1 minute later the back door opened and the boss walked in. Lol, took me three tries to whistle but I managed to get it out. He headed straight for the office and I knew we were screwed and probably going to jail.

As I waited for the angry yelling to start in the office I was judging my chances about leaving, whether my friend would rat me out and if I'd go to jail. Adrenaline was working over time. While all this is going through my head I'm also playing he pinball machine like nothing is happening except pinball.

I was scared as hell but nothing was happening in the office, no noise, no yelling, nothing. However the boss had been in there for more than 2 minutes now and I was really getting worried. Finally he came out with his jacket on and walked upfront.

I gave the all clear whistle and in an instant here came my friend. I couldn't figure out how he hadn't been seen and couldn't wait for us to leave so he could tell me about it. He was shaking like a leaf in the wind.

We left and I asked him what the hell had happened. Turns out he'd heard my first whistle and quickly hid himself in the only place available and then had to stay there while the boss worked at his desk for those few minutes.

My friend hadn't gotten caught but he hadn't gotten any money either. The filing cabinet was empty. Bummer. Oh yeah, he pulled the chair out from the desk and hid under the desk in the cubbyhole there and pulled the chair back in. He said he thought he was breathing so loud the guy would hear him or accidentally kick him but it didn't happen.

So we got in got nothing and got out plus got the biggest scare we'd ever had. Lol, I promise, this is the last trip to the bus depot.

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