Friday, August 10, 2007

Finally, some women and drama to relieve my stress

Heh, went out with a new girl today. Well, woman anyway, as she's 40. Still a girl to me but hey. We were just hanging out, watching some tv, drinking some wine, playing on the net and in general chillin.

Nothing major. This girl and I will never have a relationship. She's fun and has a quick mind but she's way to much work. Mentally. Besides, she's just using me to make her boyfriend jealous and I know that.

Anyway we're just setting here BSing and she decides to call her cousin. Then she proceeds to tell me how much I'm going to like her cousin. Lol, the one I was with today is a little larger than I prefer and she knows it but she's smart enough and pretty enough.

Now her cousin is another story. Way more of the body style I like and the little bit I talked to her she seems smart enough. Very pretty too. I expect she'll be back with or without her cousin. She wants to do a few things on the net I can teach her to do or do for her.

The point is as soon as the cousin came in they started talking to each other as fast as they could about BS that happened and who said what and who did what to who about it all. Lol, the drama was flying thick and fast.

I started laughing at both of them and told them I didn't want anything to do with either one of them, to much drama and confrontation. ;) Funny, when you haven't had any drama for a while it does provide some stress relief.

Actually, yesterday morning I was sitting in the canvas porch swing just a swinging and a thinking. If I ever decide to plant myself in one spot for a while I'm going to get me one of them. Really calming to me so sit and swing.

Anyway, I was sitting there thinking that I was pretty bored and that I could feel the tension building in my body and my mind. There is absolutely nothing to do where I'm at now and the first decent sized town where there are bars and women is 45 miles away.

Now I know I'll go there in a few weeks to a month. When the tension builds up so as to be unbearable I'll go party like a rock star for a couple of days and then come back to peace and quiet.

Not only do I know I'll go there I know it's next to inevitable and that's it's just a step toward where I really want to go. But I'll go there a couple of time before I go to an even bigger place. I'll go there a couple of times to before I go where I know I'll end up.

Not doubt about it. When I get bored enough and tense enough I'll end up in Vegas for at least a week. Of course before I'll go I'll have to make enough money so I can do it the way I want to., as usual. I love Vegas.

What's that got to do with the lovely ladies and drama? Lol, watching those two today made me remember why I'm here alone. However it did relieve a lot of stress and I expect it will postpone my party for at least a week or two.

If I start hanging out with either of them for long it may happen even sooner because they both like to party but that will be okay too. Women cause stress, women can also relieve stress. Particularly when you don't want or expect anything from them. Just watching them be them badass selves is fun.

Charlie, a cashier at Wal-mart and who also works at a motel at the front desk remarked that the one thing she really likes about me is I don't hit on her. Never will. She's cute but I just never will.

Told her thanks but I don't tend to hit on women anyway. Much easier to not hit on them and make them wonder whats wrong with themselves and why I don't think they are hot enough to hit on. She laughed and said women do that to guys. Yep, I know, where did she think I learned it.

So I make them chase me until I catch them. Simple and I told her the truth. Even knowing the truth what you want to bet she hits on me in the next three months. You see, knowing the truth and believing it are two different things.

So I cause women a bit of stress now and then. Makes us even, I think. ;)

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