Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pissed off about ignorance and stupidity.

I'm probably depressed today, as usual, but I'm to pissed off about something else to pay any attention to being depressed. At least pissed off is something I know how to use and I'm going to use it here. This is going to probably just turn into one long rant and I don't care.

A lady of 25 asked me to go to a couple of places with her next week and I said sure, no problem. Then I asked her why she wanted me to go along as it wasn't anything she couldn't handle herself. She explained it to me and after she did I really wanted to go. She couldn't keep me away with a gun.

If you read this blog at all you know I think I'm good at manipulation and I love little scams that help people with things they really shouldn't need help with through no fault of their own.

This lady is very pretty, poised, self confident, intelligent and very capable of accomplishing whatever she sets her mind to. She's petite, a size 1 and she's a 10 in my book. That's why I really had to ask her why she wanted me to go along.

Since we had our talk today I've been thinking about it and why it's necessary, because the reason, to me, is so stupid it shouldn't even exist. I've seen it before, I've been thru it with others and I'll probably see and go through more of it.

This has nothing at all to do with my age even tho I'm 60. MOF my age is going to work to our advantage when I go with her next week. Lol, in more ways than one. Oh well, at least I understand the stupid inferences people make and can use them against them. See, there are a few good things about getting older.

No, I'm not going to go against anything I believe nor am I going to lie, cheat or steal to accomplish our ends. I'm going to do it by telling the 100% absolute truth at all times. So is she. Isn't semantics a wonderful thing? It's why lawyers ask so many damn stupid questions. What's said, what's implied and what people infer from that are all 3 different things.

What people infer from words is why it takes a lawyer 10 pages to write up a simple contract. Even parents learn to question their kids in exact ways so there isn't any wiggle room in the answer because they have learned their kids will manipulate them by what the parents infer.

Words have meanings and the way we use those words has meaning but not always the meaning of the word. I really hate it when people want to play that game with me and I won't have people close to me who play that crap with me.

I believe in doing the right thing, whether it's legal or illegal. While I don't like semantics games I'm not evolved enough to resist using them when it accomplishes the right thing. In essence it's really marketing. So we are going to go off and do some marketing.

Marketing in both ways with what we are going to do. Still pisses me off that we have to do it but not doing it would piss me off even more. I really hate ignorance and stupidity with a passion so I think it's going to be fun.

Now I'm not an expert in marketing but I've read enough about it and even made a bit of money doing it but the reason I'm going with her is totally marketing her business. She's smart enough to do it her self, pretty enough to flirt her way into a lot of things but not this. She can't overcome the ignorance in this case and that's what pisses me off about it, so much.

So if she's so smart, pretty, young and capable what does she need an old man like me for? Because I'm something she's not. I'll give you the answer in a couple of sentences and if what's happening to this young woman doesn't piss you off then you are among the ignorant and stupid and I hope you go away and never come back.

So what is it that I am and she's not?

I'm Caucasian.

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