Friday, February 20, 2009

Abusive relationships, Rhianna and Chris Brown

Short and sweet, chris brown is a stupid little punk and should do a couple of years in prison for what he did to Rhianna. IMO he's not an adult, not a man and in reality is nothing but a spoiled little boy who gets angry and hurts people when he doesn't get his way or things don't go his way.

Child abuse, wife abuse and relationship abuse is something I know a lot about. I lived with it daily for the first 17 years of my life. Chris Brown says he lived with it too, hates it and wishes he would have had a different life. Duh, me too.

So little brat chris was raised with abuse. Big f'ing deal, so did I and so did millions of others. He also knows that people who were abused have a 90% chance of growing u to be abusers. He also knows that people who were raised in a family where the mother was abused have about the same chance of abusing women when they get bigger.

Do I feel sorry for brown the baby. Nah, he made a choice and the way he's whining now and apologizing and telling everyone he's going to get help isn't because the little punk believes he needs it, IMO he's saying all of that to minimize the chances he'll go to jail and to minimize the chances he'll loose his career and even more money for advertising deals. At least some sponsors are removing him from the ads he did for them. Kudos to them.

If you've read any of this blog you know I was physically, sexually and mentally abused for a long, long period of time. If you've read any of this blog you also know I made a choice not to have children. I also made a choice not to hit women when I got to be an adult. MOF, I went even farther and have protected women and children for much of my adult life.

I absolutely hate males(I was going to say men but they aren't men by my definition) who abuse women and children. I've put a stop to it many times and have no qualms about hurting the males who are abusing women and children. Lol, in my view they are abusing weaker or defenseless people so I kinda like to teach them how it feels to be abused. To be screaming for someone to stop hurting you and they don't listen. To put them into the feelings of helplessness they put their victims in. To make them afraid they may not live through it. They always do.

I watched my father and my step father beat my mother and a few times I tried to intervene. However my mother was my main physical abuser so I also didn't feel to bad when she was getting what she gave to me.

However there is never an excuse for hitting a woman or hurting a child in any way, shape or form. No matter what they did. When I'm put in a situation where I'm angry at a woman or she hits me I do something everyone should do. I walk away. My anger scares me and I know I need to get away from what's making me angry so I don't do something stupid. Everyone should walk away when they feel themselves getting that angry.

You may have noticed I did capitalize chris browns name. I don't have enough respect for the little boy to do that. I'm also glad to see advertisers pulling his ads and people all over the country reviling the little punk. I'd like to see more of Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al and other black leaders saying this is wrong. OTOH they are political hacks so what would you expect. However I've noticed a lot of women's groups who are recommending not buying his products, any of his music or anything else he may be into. Take the little boys livelihood away from him. Sounds good to me.

Why people expect celebrities to be role models is beyond me but they do. This punk is not a role model unless it's for the Girlfriend Abusers Club. Yes, the punk ought to do time and loose everything he has. No I don't think that's to harsh. He's shown he can't control himself so lets put the little baby away until he learns to control himself. Lol, maybe we'll get lucky and some bad ass prisoners will turn him into their bitch. It's a fate he deserves.

I will NEVER buy a chris brown cd or listen to any cd he happens to be on. I'll never watch a show he's on or a movie he's in. I have nothing but a massive amount of contempt for the little punk and I hope he gets what he deserves.

All I can say is a real man doesn't abuse women or children. NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog awhile back when I was depressed myself. It really helped me. You're good at writing and capturing my attention. Please keep writing.

IMDepressed said...

Thanks, I appreciate the comments. I'm glad what I write helps you. I will keep writing as it's a release and helps deal with my depression. When I'm very depressed I write more, when I'm doing well, I write less. I will try to write more often as I know I have been neglecting this task and comments like yours are a reason for me to write more to help others, if I can.

Thanks again, I appreciate it.

Jorge Casinos said...

Or animails... I would add to the end.

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