Monday, September 17, 2007

Lakes, stress, calmness and moving around

While I wasn't unhappy in Fairmont I didn't care when we moved either. There were a lot of things to do there and I loved the lakes. I still do love lakes and if given a choice I will go sit by lakes or rivers whenever I get the chance. It calms me and reduces my stress almost instantly.

Here I sit by the pool. The filter pumps are so powerful I can hear the water and there are a couple of large balls, blue and white, about the size of a world globe, that float around in the pool. It calms me a lot just to listen and watch the patterns of the balls floating.

In Milwaukee I go sit by Lake Michigan. A couple of miles North of the museum there is a public beach and a large park where people walk, jog, skate board, roller skate and in general be by the lake.

I like to watch the large boats and the small boats. I like to watch the people and I love the rhythm of the waves coming in. The seagulls beg and fly around and the little birds come right up to you and beg for food.

I even met a few chicks sitting there on a bench or laying on the grass getting a tan. If it didn't get cold there and snow all winter I could enjoy living there. For me it's a peaceful place. Most lakes are a peaceful place for me.

When I go away, in my head, it's to a lake. A lot of times when I go away physically it's to a lake or river. I've fished, hunted and boated all of my life and that's why the links to fishing forum, the hunting site and the boating site are there.

What I like to do is design websites and for me that's a form of relaxation and a way to make a bit of money. However my favorite is IBCynical where I can state my opinions on anything and everything. I have plenty of opinions too, on everything.

I really don't know if I'm a liberal or a conservative. Don't know if I'm far left, far right or off the planet totally. Nor do I care. I'm neither republican or democrat so I guess that makes me an independent but that should come as no surprise.

However I have a problem with independent candidates most of the time. Politics is sometimes amusing but mostly, IMHO, a travesty of what these people were elected to do. I seldom let it intrude into my reality but every now and then they do something so stupid, Iraq comes to mind as does 'Homeland Security', why does that seem like such a Nazi-ish name to me, that I can't resist making a comment on IBCynical-Thoughtful, intelligent and cynical peoples opinions.

Fools and idiots drive me crazy and I have no patience for them. I have no patience for people who sit around and feel sorry for themselves yet won't get off their ass and do anything about it. OTOH I have a lot, to much, empathy for people.

Whatever, doesn't matter. I do what I do and I do it when I want to do it. Just because no one else understands why I do what I do doesn't really matter. Yet I want a woman for a relationship who understands without my having to play connect the dots for her.

Lol, I'm such a mass of seeming contradictions that finding someone who understands me is damn near impossible. I have lots of acquaintances but only a couple of what I consider friends. I have lots of people I help, when I can but they are still only acquaintances.

Having no real friends makes it easy for me to pick up and move to where ever I want to go. Just as it did this time. It also made it easy for me to move when I was a kid. I viewed moving as a new adventure and a new start.

Parts of it I didn't like but for the most part moving was always okay. At least until we moved to Denison, Ia. Not a place I liked and I was glad to leave it. However before I get to Denison we made a short stay in Sioux City again.

Nothing unusual happened in Sioux City that time. Just the usual beatings and mental abuse. Nothing new at all. Lol, the grocery store was still making donuts and I was still addicted to them and watching them being made.

So we moved to Denison. Only a few things of note happened there but one of them was huge and I'll never forget it.

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