Monday, August 20, 2007

Some days life is worth living and things go right.

We hit the bus depot a few more times. never taking more than 1 pack of tens at a time. They keys were always in the bosses jacket pocket so it wasn't to tough.

Then one day I overheard the boss telling someone the bus company was thinking about moving to a different building and he didn't know if they were going to renew his contract or what.

So now what to do? If they moved it might be to an area to far to get to. It might be laid out different, we might not have access anymore. Lots of things could change so we wouldn't be able to get at the cash anymore.

I talked with my friend about it and we decided to go for one last big score and then never do it again. So once again we played the waiting game.

BTW, forgot, one of the things I hated about school was the school lunches. They just flat out sucked back then. Really bad. We weren't restricted to the school grounds at lunch so I'd always go downtown to Woolworth's lunch counter and eat.

Lunch tickets for all week, back then, were $1.10. Not much to eat on but I could get 4 donuts a day for that and even a coke to go with it one day a week. Usually I'd add a couple bucks and eat pretty good all week. Couldn't add to much tho or people would get suspicious.

Living with alcoholic parents and molesting uncles had taught me to keep a low profile and stealing made me try to keep it even lower. People always told me I was paranoid and I never believed them but I do now.

It's just that I learned, at home, that not being noticed was much better than being noticed. One of those little things that you don't even realize happened, you just live that way and think it's normal. Oh, I never thought I was to paranoid because I have one cousin who makes me look absolutely careless. If I was to give an example of paranoid it would be him.

No, I'm not comfortable in large groups, crowds I absolutely hate. Back to the wall, able to see all entrances and exits, never sit on the inside of a booth, always know how to get out through all possible exits. Me, paranoid? Nah. ;)

So we waited for our chance. It finally came one day and naturally we took advantage of it. Since it was going to be our last time we decided to take 2 grand in hundreds. Two packs of hundreds to be exact.

We weren't to bright tho as neither of us could easily break hundreds. It just caused way to much suspicion. So I stuck mine in the pages of an encyclopedia. Naturally it was in the 'M' book.

That money was in there for a very long time. Took me a couple of years to get it all changed into smaller bills.

I don't know what the bus depot guy was into but I do know the cops were never called. I know he was pretty pissed about it too but he still didn't call the cops. Evidently we had inadvertently stolen from someone who couldn't report it to the cops.

That nice little piece of info is going to come in handy in about 10 years.

So we never got caught, it never got reported and we never did it again. Heh, the bus depot never moved either. At least not while I lived there.

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