Sunday, April 8, 2007

Did I deserve to be abused and beaten.

Obviously the answer to that question has to be NO! No kid deserves to be abused, no matter what they did. What they do deserve is to be loved, cared for and cherished to the best of our ability and this countries ability. We fail miserably on both counts.

Was I a bad kid? Not really but there were times I did deserve some punishment. Lol, if I was the same kid now I'd be in therapy and on high doses of drugs for ADHD, ODD, PTSD and a ton of other things. I'd be medicated until I was compliant and fit societies standards of behavior. However I wouldn't be me.

Did I do some bad things when I was a kid? Sure did. The kid that lived behind my house used to hang out with me. Another kid we didn't particularly care for played with us now and then. D and I both had BB guns and K had done something that had made both of us pretty angry at him so we quit playing with him completely.

K wanted back in our good graces so we told him if we could use his back as a target for our BB guns we would play with him again. It was fall so he put on his big coat and we put a magazine inside his coat and then proceed to shoot him in the back at the magazine. However neither D or I could resist and we each shot him once in the butt.

Naturally when he got home his mother asked what happened and he ratted us out. My dad beat the hell out of me, broke my BB gun and I was grounded for life. Same with D. Another thing is D and I weren't allowed to play together anymore and K wasn't allowed to play with either of us.

Yes, it was a dumb thing to do, it was cruel and we deserved to be punished but we didn't deserve the beatings we both got. We didn't hurt K except when we shot him in the butt and we both knew it was wrong while we were doing it.

D and I used play with matches. We particularly liked the wooden farmer matches. We'd walk along the railroad tracks and light them but we were smart enough to make sure we kept them between the rails and never started a fire.

One day K begged us to come along with us so we let him. He kept throwing the matches in the grass and we both yelled at him not to be doing that. Eventually we started a grass fire and D and I both rolled our bodies over it trying to put it out. Singed off most of my hair and eyebrows.

We finally figured out we weren't going to be able to put it out so we ran to D's house and used the phone. D picked up the phone and hollered fire, fire, fire and slammed the phone back down. I picked up the phone and told the operator there was a fire by the railroad tracks. Yes, they still had real live operators back then.

After notifying the fire dept the operator said "What have you and D done now?" as it turns out the operator we got was D's oldest sister. So we were busted. Go beat again and forbidden to play with D and K again. They were building a new fertilizer plant by the tracks about 3 blocks away from where the fire started an it came very close to being burned down. That was the end of playing with matches.

No, I wasn't a perfect kid. Lol, you couldn't even see perfection from where I was but I sure didn't deserve the beatings I got for the dumbass things I did wrong. I'm not sure how I'd handle a kid today like I was back then but I do know that beating the kid wouldn't help the situation.

I did lots of other kid things wrong but those are the two worst I can remember. At least at the age of 8.

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